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I’m in the photo!

Posted on June 28 2006 at 10:55:40

With reference to the photograph in June’s letters page, the people in the group were members of the Redditch angling team for the 1962 All-England Championship.

The photograph was taken in Great Yarmouth where the contest was to be held on the River Ant.

There were at least three Alvechurch men in the team. However, we did not win! I am now 86 years old and don’t know the whereabouts of the others.

John Barber, Cofton Hackett

I think it was the Redditch Angling Federation, all England team. At a guess I would think it was 1950.

The people I recognise are Albert Clissett, Mrs Clissett, Tony Clissett, Ken Crawford, Frank Banner and Charles Wright.

R Payne, Marlbrook

I too have a copy of this photograph and I was there when it was taken. I believe it shows a Redditch fishing club team setting off for the All England Championship match which I think was in Norfolk, possibly Great Yarmouth.

It was taken mid-to-late 1950s, in Easemore Road, Redditch, somewhere between the British Legion and the Conservative Club. My mother and I had gone to wave them off, as it was to be for a whole weekend.

My late father, Vic East, a very well-known angler in the area, is fifth from the left in the light coloured jacket; fourth from the left is Ken Cross, and I’m almost sure that the large gentleman on the other side of my dad is Charlie Wright.

Mrs Burton, Bromsgrove

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