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Is this a wind-up?

Posted on November 22 2007 at 12:27:27

I’m still not sure whether the writer of the letter entitled “Keep Roads for Cars not Horses” is actually serious, or whether this is just a wind-up.

If, however, the former is the case, then one’s first reaction is, what on earth is this person doing living in a rural area?

Why on earth don’t they take their gas-consuming, polluting car and move to the suburbs?

I would hazard a guess that for most country folk, the sight of these beautiful animals gracing our leafy lanes provides a link with a way of life which is, sadly, fast disappearing.

As an ex-horse owner, I can assure your correspondent that most riders would not ride on the roads by choice, but unfortunately many bridleways, over the years, have disappeared and become part of the landowner’s property, leaving little alternative.

Of course, if your writer would like to provide the local riding fraternity with details of farmers who are willing to open up their fields to them, I am sure the riders would be delighted.

Margaret Haste, Alvechurch

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