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It’s a great pitch, but where do we park?

Posted on October 25 2014 at 3:15:58

It was good to see the dignitaries out celebrating the completion of the football pitch for the youth of Alvechurch.

However, there’s an untold story. Parents cannot park in the car park at The Meadows on the day of a game (ten games per season as the other ten will be away games). They cannot drop their child off for training on a Saturday morning. 

What is the club threatened with if they fail to adhere to this policy?  They will no longer be able to use the football ground that has cost several thousands of pounds to prepare.

Do all the residents agree with this policy? Why did the residents allow the pitch to be upgraded if they did not want parents to bring their children to the grounds?

The club is there at most 2.5 hours on a Saturday, and the same for a home game. In October they have two out of the three games booked at other grounds.

Yet, I am told that dog walkers are allowed to park their cars there every day. I’d like to thank some of them that have left their dog’s mess for the children to step in.

One resident actually uses it as their personal car park, parking two cars there on a semi-permanent basis.

 When you enter The Meadows, there is a sign to the effect that the area was left for the benefit of the children of Alvechurch (both my children attend the local school); it doesn’t mention for the benefit of the residents to park their cars. What is the purpose of the car park at The Meadows?

My son has been a player for the Alvechurch Lions since he was six years old (now in the under 11s), and this pitch was seen to be the ideal solution after many years of playing on inferior pitches.

 I suppose it is a case of not what you know, but who you know.

Parking behind the Red Lion, is rarely an option as it seems to be permanently full, day and night.  Quite rightly, people should not be encroaching the Red Lion’s car park, which should be for their customers only.

Dr P P G Merricks
Address supplied

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