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Lapwing hope

Posted on May 22 2011 at 11:07:54

A great time was had during the Royal Wedding gathering at The Meadows in Alvechurch – and it was during this event I noticed the field between The Meadows and Old Rectory Lane has been recently fenced off and notices advising on the farmer’s intent to support ground nesting birds, especially lapwings.

I am delighted we have a farmer who is so committed to conservation. As farmers, their actions are of great importance in protecting the bio-diversity of the countryside.

It would be extremely interesting to hear from the farmer, in a response to this letter, what he intends to do to make such a commitment work. Having secured the field does he intend to start sowing a spring crop which would offer a better habitat for the wildlife he is seeking to attract? It certainly will be better than seeing the field’s current crop, which is a non-native grass grown as a bio fuel. 

Mark Pumphrey, Alvechurch

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