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Laziness to blame for car culture

Posted on October 03 2016 at 10:47:05

We wholeheartedly support your views (The Village View, September 2016), and it’s unfortunately all too easy to understand why the car has become so dominant everywhere.

For one of the most intelligent species, the human race can be very lazy, selfish, and stupid.

Road congestion is a massive problem, especially at peak times.  The 10-mile journey into central Birmingham can take as long as 1.5 hours, yet people refuse to use public transport, which is the only way to improve the situation.

Birmingham steadfastly refuses to introduce congestion charges – one concludes that air pollution has addled their brains.

Similarly, the M42 is a slow-moving carpet of cars at peak travel times, which leads to our country lanes being used as rat runs. With 60mph speed limits, walkers, cyclists and horse riders using these lanes are at some risk.

Why don’t we take a leaf out of our enlightened Scandinavian and European cousins’ book and set about solving this problem by providing a vastly better public transport alternative, getting on our bikes, having a culture of walking wherever possible. 

We need to sort out our health, lose weight, get fit, reduce the burden on the NHS of overweight people with diabetes and mobility problems.

In other words, take responsibility for our own health. What is the point of having longer life expectancy if we are unable to enjoy it?

And how can we as parents and grandparents not wish to encourage children to be more active, and help them to learn self-reliance by making their own way to school?

Instead we are teaching them to be inconsiderate, selfish and lazy.

Our athletes are setting a wonderful example. Why don’t we try to follow it? No need to join a gym; walking is free. 

P Cottrell & C Swainson,Alvechurch

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