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Legislation is to blame for bungles

Posted on March 31 2016 at 3:35:36

I would refer to your editorial “The Village View” in February 2016. While I concur fully with your interpretation of the effect of the problems, I cannot agree with your interpretation of the cause.

Central Government is not “sucking the lifeblood” out of the Local Authorities – it is in fact legislation that is “sucking the lifeblood” out of the people.

The incredible increase in legislation over recent decades (the majority of which is attempting to protect people from their own stupidity) has involved the employment of multitudes of jobsworths to administer that legislation in Government and Local Authorities.

Some of us can remember when thousands of council houses and other homes were constructed, planning applications and building regulation applications were free and determined within weeks rather than months, and I would question whether we are getting a better environment because of this legislation.

I would agree, however, that badgers, bats etc have an improved habitat and have taken priority over human beings.

I’m fed up with the whining phrase “under-resourced” as an excuse for bungling incompetence.

David Barton, via email

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