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Lickeys must be protected

Posted on August 30 2019 at 10:18:47

I wonder if any of your regular contributors know anything about the Lickey Hills – who currently manages this beauty spot and plans for the future?

There has been controversy about parking fees to do with sites owned by Birmingham City Council.

I am aware that the Lickey Hills were gifted by Cadbury to the people of Birmingham during the last century.

I feel it is vital that we protect both the hills and Cofton Hackett from developers, to preserve a unique character, lost in many parts of modern 21st century Britain.

Perhaps an organisation such as English Heritage could better manage and maintain the Lickey Hills, and if possible make them an Area of Special Scientific Interest? 

I am not convinced that the city council is really qualified to have any involvement in managing the Lickey Hills.

Perhaps some arrangement could be reached to transfer responsibility for the hills to someone else and reach a financial settlement with the city council, which hopefully will pay off at least part of this council’s massive debts and secure the Lickey Hills in the long term.

John A Ridarta, Cofton Hackett

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