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Long wait spoils benefit of new train timetable

Posted on August 31 2018 at 12:11:11


In common with so many travellers who have looked forward to the extension of the Cross City line to Bromsgrove, I was dismayed to find that trains stopping at Barnt Green at 19 minutes past the hour result in a wait of over 40 minutes at Bromsgrove for a connecting train to Worcester and beyond.

It beggars belief that this was not taken into consideration when deciding which trains would stop at Barnt Green, and negates the advantage of opening up the line to Bromsgrove for those who use Barnt Green station and wish to travel to Worcester and beyond by train.

I have written to West Midlands Trains regarding this matter and have received no response. I am copying this letter to the parish council in the hope that they can make representations and have more success.

Richard Yewdall, Barnt Green

Pictured: The first of the extra trains arrives at Barnt Green from Bromsgrove (Pic/ Trevor Boardman)

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