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More to life than cars

Posted on September 22 2007 at 11:50:33

Alvechurch and surrounding areas have always been rural. Horses are a big part of rural life. We now have increasing numbers of people moving from the towns and cities who do not understand rural life and are trying to change it to suit their way of life.

Horses form a large part of the rural economy and in fact those you see on the roads are only a small number of those that form this economy, as most riders are too frightened to hack out. 

The majority of drivers treat horses with care and respect but a small number of “Anti’s” make hacking dangerous.  Do you not think that if we had the option to ride in fields we would? Unfortunately all fields have owners and riders do not have access.

Hunting has now been banned, by townies, which was the only time fields were opened up for riders’ use.

As regards paying road fund tax I pay it on three vehicles; when I am riding my horse these vehicles are off the road.

There is more to life than cars, they are already ruining the country aspect of life.

Irate Farm Resident, Alvechurch

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