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New bin rules are a waste of space

Posted on December 28 2016 at 11:05:56

Oh dear! This looks like an accident waiting to happen. I refer, of course, to your article in the December issue of The Village, entitled “The Bin Inspectors”.

On the many occasions that I have contacted Bromsgrove District Council with a recycling query, my enquiries have fallen on stony ground. In other words, no one has been able to supply answers.

Plastic, glass and some types of paper are not all recyclable, so when the council official armed with his or her clipboard and pen checks our bins, I hope that we are all singing from the same song sheet.

I hope that the official is fully cognisant as to what should and should not be in our green bins, but more to the point I hope that we are all as well-informed.

I don’t want my bin rejected because I’ve guessed incorrectly. Is the council going to issue all households with a list/booklet of the ins and outs of green bin usage?

An interesting thought occurs over the question of “two strikes and out”. Should the green bin fail its inspection and therefore fail to be collected, but the black bin is still being collected, where would the original green bin residue end up?

No prizes for the correct answer.

John B Holland, Alvechurch

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