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Not a bridge too far

Posted on January 30 2018 at 2:13:45

In response to Canon Rob Fieldson’s letter (“Prioritise rail cash”) in last month’s Village: I completely agree that disabled access should be greatly improved at Barnt Green, but not at the expense of the new footbridge.

Network Rail has never stated that these two projects are related, hence it is very unlikely that money saved on the bridge would be used at Barnt Green station.

A formal risk assessment has been carried out on the current crossing. This was partly due to the increase in trains and also the number of people who have been killed on similar crossings. Reopening the crossing is not an option.

This area is well used by ramblers. Walking an extra half mile isn’t the issue. Ramblers are interested in varied routes, and removing a path may make a circular walk impossible.

I often see ramblers in Barnt Green spending money with local businesses, in fact some arrived by train. There are nine million ramblers in the UK.

The cost of the bridge is around £1 million. This should be put into perspective: Network Rail has an annual turnover of £6 billion. This equates to over half a million for every mile of the 11,000 miles of track in the UK.

In fact their CEO was paid £800,000 in the 2016/17 financial year. Network Rail’s Annual Report proves my figures are accurate.

Simon Richards
Parish Paths Warden, Barnt Green

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