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Ode to owl

Posted on March 15 2011 at 1:03:03

Ode to owl
(A victim of our times)

On my walk in the Round Woods
I was taken to see
An owl that was cleverly
Carved in a tree.

Taking dogs on their walks
We’d pass every day
Stop to give him a pat
Then go on our way.

It was said of this spot
That a couple liked best
At the foot of owl’s tree
Chose to be laid to rest.

Then sadly one day
Why, it’s hard to conceive
Someone had hacked him
From his perch on his tree.
We all searched for weeks
But our task was in vain
To find him and put him
On his perch again.
How sad that in these times
It is such a shame
That a lack of respect
And destruction’s the game.

P Halstead, Marlbrook

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