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Our democracy is a failure

Posted on February 27 2020 at 3:25:24

Month on month your pages reflect the gradual decline of our so-called democracy. Our elected representatives at local and national level are abrogating their responsibilities to the legal establishment and the general public.

To avoid democracy falling into anarchy the principle should be restored, i.e. the public have the opportunity of regularly electing their representatives both nationally and locally.

Those representatives employ “professional” officers to advise them on all aspects of administration. If the public are unhappy they lobby their elected representatives and have the opportunity of voting them out of office.

There should be no public consultation at all, apart from that listed above. A major example of the failure of our form of democracy is the Brexit Referendum debacle.

If we are to have public meetings, discussion and consultation with the man in the street for every aspect of our lives, nothing will be achieved and we only have ourselves to blame.

Your correspondent in last month’s magazine (Who would vote no to Plan?) queries why people voted against the “plan”, perhaps it was because they believed in democracy and were against the principle of referendum. Perhaps a more interesting figure would be a percentage expressed as a proportion of the electorate of all those who voted at all.

David Barton, Weatheroak, Alvechurch

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