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Our plan for verge variety may have suffered cutbacks. . .

Posted on May 22 2010 at 7:49:22

You probably know I have just been given the reins as chairman of Alvechurch Village Society and, like others before, I have great regard for The Village magazine and we take in your latest views about daffodils (Village View, May 2010) hopefully in the light-hearted spirit and tongue-in-cheek manner in which I am sure it was written.

You may or may not know that various other wild flowers and bulb have been planted in the past as well, but they probably have fallen foul of Bromsgrove District Council’s sometimes over-enthusiastic mowing teams (perhaps they don’t like red or blue).

However, I do agree that along with adjacent areas who have followed the example, there are swathes of yellow everywhere.

This is surely not to be decried because as you say, “it is lovely and seems to have given everyone a spring lift” – plus a skip in their step – as can be seen by your jovial rhetorical snippet, to which, I am sure, replies will be winging their way to you as I write. Of course, we appreciate any constructive comments as I am sure do the good folk who planted them.

We also appreciate any suggested alternatives for improvement to the parish and hope these will come thick and fast from all your readers, as we welcome all positive ideas with open arms, so until then I say, as you do:

Well done to members of AVS who helped plant this ”Host of Golden Daffodils” – and as always we remain politically aloof.

Adrian Smith, Chairman
Alvechurch Village Society

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