Wednesday December 19 2018

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Overrun by affordable homes

Posted on February 20 2012 at 1:12:37

You may say Lickey End is nowhere near Barnt Green, but I believe anyone who currently lives in Barnt Green has worked hard to afford nice houses in a good area and wants their children to go to good schools, so why can you allow a company to build affordable housing here?

Should I give up my mortgage and hope the government will give me a house and pay me benefits and I could end up living in such a lovely village such as Barnt Green?

These areas are for hard-working people who move there to stay away from others who do not wish to work or pay their way in life – others who will not respect the houses they are given and not look after the area!

This will decrease value of other houses. I’m totally disgusted that our villages are being overrun with affordable housing.
Ruth Sault, Lickey End

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