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Parents feel left out of new school life

Posted on June 17 2008 at 5:28:25

So the new school has landed in Alvechurch, and what a sight it is: a fabulous building with all the mod- cons anyone could ever wish for – so why so many glum faces?

Well, the talk of most parents on the playground (when we are allowed on the playground) is that the building may be fantastic but the way parents feel treated, particularly by the First School, is not.

Parents are aggrieved that they cannot drop off their children in the “drop off and pick up point” on their way to work, that they cannot park in the “parking spaces”, that they can not go into reception but must leave messages in a basket outside, nor look through the windows at the end of the day in case they disturb their own sons and daughters in the last few moments of the day.

What a shame our school has become so unfriendly to the parents and taxpayers who paid for this school and who pay the public servants who run it.

What a shame children cannot use the multi-games area out of school hours that again we have paid for, so we must pay for another multi-games area across the road, some 300 yards away.

As a parent of a First School child, at least I receive a friendly greeting from the crossing patrol man in the morning.

Parent and Hardworking Taxpayer, Alvechurch

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