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Parish in spin over Lickey turbine

Posted on December 10 2010 at 1:21:38

Sir -  I was in interested to read your piece entitled “Lickey Hills wind turbine rejected”.

As one of the people who opposed this potential development, I would point out that it appears our Parish Council only decided to oppose after we had kicked up a fuss.

It was then that they asked for the application to be returned to them.

It beggars belief that our own parish council could even tacitly approve a monstrosity like this on our beautiful Lickey Hills when I would have thought they would have had our interests at heart.

Maybe it is time that we rethought our need for a Parish Council. Lickey End havent got one and I have not heard that they miss it. Perhaps, in this time of economic strictures, we could save some money!
A.J Mackintosh

Editor’s note: Strictly speaking Lickey End Parish Council does still exist, although it’s abolition has been imminent for a couple of years now. It is true to say, however, that the council has never done anything except to seek its own abolition.

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