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Party pooper

Posted on January 30 2018 at 1:22:45

I do hope that an apology from the editor of The Village is forthcoming. The irony of extolling the virtue of local democracy in choosing councillors but not of national democracy in choosing Brexit obviously escapes him.

Liberal Party political views should not be promoted as The Village view (January 2018).

Democracy is fine apparently as long as we all vote for the party that represents his view.

My own 2018 prediction of not wishing to receive The Village magazine in 2018 until that apology is made, has already come true.

Name supplied, Barnt Green

The Editor responds:
You assume the editor of this magazine is male, but please see Page 3 of your magazine – and you equate our views with those of the Liberal Democrats (who?), when our point was that any party may swivel along with a change in public opinion. Unfortunately, you will apparently not be reading this.

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