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Pavement parkers do not think of others

Posted on July 28 2015 at 3:37:38

I was interested in the articles “Pavements are for people, not motorists” and the Village View in the July issue of The Village.

In particular the final paragraph made me smile, where your reader suggests that the offender should “Think Pedestrian and park with more consideration”.

Unfortunately this statement would probably be anathema to people who do block pavements with their vehicles because they obviously belong to the “me, me, me” society and therefore have no idea that there are other people living on this planet apart from themselves; therefore, why should there be any need for “consideration”?

To illustrate my point, I recently had occasion to speak to the driver of a large people-carrier type vehicle which was blocking the pavement and restricting my access, causing me to manoeuvre around it via the road; ironically, the vehicle was blocking the pavement while there was ample room on her driveway.

When I pointed out the fact that she was causing an obstruction she was most indignant.

She couldn’t get over the fact that a mere pedestrian (with many, many more years’ unblemished driving experience than she’s had birthdays) was telling her, the owner of a large-ish car, that she was causing an obstruction.

So when you are confronted by people with that frame of mind I would suggest that it’s going to take a lot more than “please” or “thank you”, or any kind of consideration, before they start realising that, contrary to their belief, they are not in fact the only people living on this planet.

John B Holland, Alvechurch

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