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Pavements are for people

Posted on May 28 2015 at 11:34:54

I’ve been minded to write because I run along Barnt Green Road a couple of times a week, and there are often vehicles parked obstructing the pavement.

For me it is an inconvenience, but I worry for others who are forced to walk into a busy road, to get around them.

This was borne out the other day when I saw a neighbour, Roger, walking with his guide dog in the road, to get round a van which was blocking the path.

I know it is a busy road, which is why motorists try not to occlude it, but please could I ask all the residents, or those with workmen visiting, to please think about older people, parents with pushchairs, or Roger and his guide dog, who may be put at risk.

Drivers will, and do, just need to wait sometimes to go round parked vehicles – it’s fine, and better than a pedestrian unnecessarily being put in danger.

Karen Wood, Cofton Hackett

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