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Pinch-point would save cash

Posted on October 03 2016 at 10:50:05

The other morning at about 12.30am a car had a near miss on the bends south of Alvechurch, taking out the two bollards and putting debris all over the road.

It must have been doing over 50mph judging by how far the bollards travelled down the road. The car never stopped.

In reply to September’s Village View, I have spoken to someone who lived here some 50 years ago and the same thing was happening then.

If the Highways Department installed a pinch-point here, it would save taxpayers’ money in terms of resources – it must cost thousands of pounds to send out the emergency services for each accident, not to mention the time it takes when they could be doing other jobs.

I feel like parking a car on one side of the road and blocking half of the carriageway, but that is illegal.

Something has to be done. The north side of the village has a pinch-point and it works well. it makes me wonder if there is some discrimination towards us on the south side.

S Jones, Alvechurch

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