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Planning process is unacceptable 

Posted on March 30 2019 at 1:04:44

I would like to point out to John Williams (How to object to plans, Village December 2018) that the planning process is very clear even if unacceptable:

1) Planning application is submitted to the Local Authority and if it ticks the numerous information requirements the application will be registered as valid.

2) The Local Authority will notify neighbours to inform them of the proposal.

3) Once registered the application is considered by professional advisers to the council, whose detailed knowledge of planning legislation should enable them to make an informed recommendation.

The elected lay committee, who in my experience have limited expertise in any aspect of local government, will make a decision.

If the application is refused the applicant has the right of appeal to the Secretary of State.

In my view the system is not fit for purpose, as leaving the quality of our built environment in the hands of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers is the unacceptable face of democracy.

After all, do you take your X-rays into the grocer’s for interpretation?

David Barton, Weatheroak, Alvechurch

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