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Please clean up after dogs

Posted on November 23 2007 at 12:16:27

My family and I moved to the beautiful surrounds of Alvechurch last year. The people and the animals are without exception friendly and welcoming. It amazes me, however, that so few people pick up after their dogs.

Is this a rural custom? Last week, while popping out to the local shops, my two-year-old inadvertently stepped in one of the many fresh messes left on the public footway.

This wasn’t discovered straight away. My wife picked up the child, spreading the offending material on her coat and on her bare ankles.

I expect readers can well imagine the distress, inconvenience, (and dry cleaning expense) that this caused, all because the originator could not be bothered to carry a plastic bag on their dog walk and do the socially responsible thing.

Come on people – have a care!

Martin Ball
Dog Poo (Red Lion) Street, Alvechurch

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