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Please stop the stencilling

Posted on August 30 2019 at 10:27:47


May I appeal to the grown-up who gave a stencil set to a young child as a birthday present to take it back as soon as possible.

If absolute proof was needed that the recent spray painting of messages on street furniture and signs was imbecilic, the rascal was at it once again during August (see picture). This time in High House Wood on top of the Lickeys.

The High House Wood Management Team are presently contending with the implication of the sale by the family owners of this eight and half acre conservation land and our local vandal feels it a good idea to daub the slogan ”SAVE OUR WOODS” on two of the three information boards and our bench. The logic of this is beyond me.

Those who wish to save our green spaces will be in the know – through this magazine for one – and I feel that the vandal is not one of them.

Please stop.

Keith Woolford, Friends of High House Wood 

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