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Protect our area from rubbish and urban sprawl

Posted on February 28 2018 at 12:35:07

Hats off to the members of Alvechurch Village Society’s footpath group, who do so much physical work to ensure that the footpath network through our delightful countryside is in a usable state.

It is great to see local folk navvying away in their free time to provide something of benefit to all local walkers.

Not any such praise, though, for those who still think it acceptable to leave their rubbish scattered across our lanes and fields.

Bottles and cans regularly thrown from vehicles on to verges, some plastic finding its way into our watercourses to add to all the waste fouling our marine environment.

Not all the packaging for large toys and other presents that appeared in gateways in the Weatheroak area shortly after Christmas can be blamed on incursions by the urban hordes to the north of Village territory.

My neighbours accept my eccentricity of returning from local walks festooned with items of other people’s junk that I can find bin space for.

I hope more of you can experience the satisfaction of rounding up the debris from your favourite patch so that people notice the difference and start to think.

Finally, hats off to the Cadbury family of many generations ago. In the days before planning control, they had the foresight to protect land from the sprawl of suburban villas and understood that “natural capital” was part of creating capital and wealth for us all, including factory workers who could refresh their mental health by having unspoiled country close at hand.

Most communities, if left alone, are quite good at identifying land for housing to satisfy local need. They want their children and local tradespeople to have somewhere decent to live.

They resent having unrealistic quotas imposed on them when vast brownfield sites exist locally such as on the Longbridge and Cofton factory sites.

The pressure will increase if travel times envisaged by HS2 effectively make attractive Birmingham districts and Village country within striking distance of the Curzon Street station, what might be regarded as part of commuter land for London.

A ray of hope is that Alvechurch electors have chosen to elect an independent and independent-minded district councillor.

If she receives the good-natured support of varying shades of opinion on local issues, she will do her bit to hold the noses of officialdom to the grindstone for the benefit of Alvechurch and its environs.

D A Fernie, Kings Norton

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