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Rangers do a great job

Posted on September 30 2019 at 2:03:08

Your contributor last month asked about the management of the Lickey Hills. I moved back into this area from Hertfordshire two years ago.

There, I had been involved with managing a County Wildlife Trust nature reserve for 14 years. Since returning I have walked the Lickey Hills twice a week; monitoring fungi and mosses in season.

During this time I have been impressed by the knowledge and the professionalism of the Rangers.

They clearly understand the ecological issues involved in caring for the various habitats in the country park and have been managing these well in spite of limited man-power resources.

Restoration of heath land is a top ecological priority. Much of UK heath has been lost to agriculture or afforestation with unsuitable soft wood.

The Rangers regularly are confronted by members of the public who believe that the only answer is to plant more and more trees and never remove any. Getting the balance right in conservation is a major challenge.

It seems from my experience that the Rangers are doing a sensible job. Even if the Lickeys were transferred to a different conservation organisation, it is more than likely that the same management regimen would be followed.

Dr David Gompertz, Barnt Green

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