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Road only fit for horse and cart

Posted on May 29 2018 at 11:30:10

I have just driven from Barnt Green to Alvechurch and my shaken bones are yet to recover.

Are the state of the roads some kind of covert traffic calming? Driving along Sandhills Lane past The Vic was bad enough, with the state of the road surface reflecting the apparent dereliction of that house on the right.

But then the road down to Sandhills Green was positively dangerous around the bend under the railway bridge, where the road is in such a poor state on both sides, forcing vehicles into the middle of an already narrow track and into each other’s paths.

Once this was negotiated, I relaxed only to notice, too late, a deep pothole just before the run up to Coopers Hill and my wheel hit it with a bang.

Alarmed, I stopped and went back to have a look, to discover the water-filled hole was actually a sunken manhole cover!

This route is only suitable for a horse and cart or an off-road vehicle.

Perhaps it explains why Barnt Green types seem to like speeding around in those enormous 4x4 things. Time for me to trade up!

Rattled, Alvechurch (via email)

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