Wednesday December 12 2018

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Roads to nowhere

Posted on October 31 2017 at 12:33:05

Just when it looked probable that I may be alone in thinking that with all the frantic building and road-making going on in this Sceptered Isle, we will all be permanently gridlocked, your editorial and David Barton and Sophie Garner’s letters in the October issue revealed that perhaps other people have been thinking about this as well.

Having experienced the continued chaos around the Abbey Stadium with the new town being built to adjoin Redditch, where is it all heading?

At this rate I can see Redditch eventually joining up with Bordesley, then Alvechurch, and with the new developments in Barnt Green we shall probably all join up together and be part of the Birmingham sprawl.

We are a small, overcrowded and overpopulated country and with the current rate of expansion, there will probably come a time when there is permanent gridlock and no-one will be able to get anywhere.

Rush hour will have to have its name changed as nobody will be driving, let alone rushing – people will be sitting in their drives all day, unable to access the roads.

You only have to observe when there is a problem on the M5, M42 or M40 – where does all the traffic then go?

Yes, you guessed it: to the nearest adjacent town or village, and the roads become more congested with people attempting to find another route through the chaos.

Happily, my wife and I don’t commute any more, so we are saved from this daily form of masochism and only use our car when we have to, so we try not to add to the chaos too much.

David Barton’s letter hit the nail on the head, as the great god “Car” has been worshipped for years! Remember all the mistakes made in Birmingham city centre, where all the space was given up to roads?

We have not had proper leaders or statesmen or people with the right mindset or thinking, planning, or intelligence in local council or government for the last 30 years or so, to come to terms with the problem, because most politicians are only concerned with getting through from Monday to Friday as they may be out of a job by Wednesday!

Well, the saying is, whatsoever you sow, so shall you reap, and we are certainly reaping the effect of all the mistakes of the past and will be paying the price in more ways than one.

Perhaps people could start thinking about the way they do things: instead of automatically reaching for the car keys, could you use the train or bus?

What about cycling or perhaps even using those two very useful items you were given at birth: your legs!

Your five-bedroom gated house and shiny new German car won’t really mean much if you can’t get it out of the drive. . .

I don’t propose to have any or all of the answers to the above issues, but if people started just changing the way they do things a little at a time, who knows what can be achieved.

The alternative is more congestion, gridlocked roads on a permanent daily basis and a deteriorating quality of life for everyone.

If you still want quality of life for yourself and children, what option do we have?

Richard L Vernon, Alvechurch

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