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Roundabout signs are dangerous

Posted on August 31 2018 at 12:15:11

It was interesting to read Sarah Rees’ report on the problems with the Oakalls roundabout (The Village, August 2018).

I live on The Oakalls and use the roundabout regularly. The most dangerous aspect of the roundabout is when you’re coming down from town on the Stratford Road.

The signs tell you to use the left-hand outside lane for The Oakalls. This is both dangerous and doesn’t fit with the Highway Code, as the Oakalls turn-off is more than 180 degrees of the roundabout.

This gives two major problems: as you cross the Bromsgrove Highway on the outside lane you often find a car trying to cross over to go up the Bromsgrove Highway, and secondly the cars entering the roundabout from the Bromsgrove Highway think you will be going off and up the Bromsgrove Highway.

Personally, I never use the left-hand lane to enter from the Stratford Road – keeping to the inside of the roundabout means the cars entering from the Bromsgrove Highway know you are going around the roundabout so they don’t pull out in your path and you don’t get cut up by cars trying to exit via the Bromsgrove Highway.

The instructions should be changed in line with the Highway Code.

Alan Gillbanks, via email

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