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Saj is respecting ‘will of people’

Posted on September 30 2019 at 1:58:08

I would like to comment on the September Village View, and firstly point out that, like our MP Sajid Javid, I also voted “remain” in the EU referendum – but I strongly disagree that he has switched horses, as you put it.

As soon as I saw the referendum result I accepted that we had to leave because we live in a democracy and it was “the will of the people” that we must do so.

Therefore I admire our MP for now helping to achieve that end, and every person I speak to is fed up with it dragging on and wants it done.

If you follow politics, and perhaps we pensioners have more time to do so, you will know that it is mainly the SNP who want to break up the UK regardless of being in or out of the EU.

Also, I am amazed that you link local mindless vandalism, which is abhorrent, with Brexit.

The people demonstrating with mass antisocial behaviour on the streets are trying to deny the will of the people. I think this is the “adult” way to look at it.

D Woods, Lickey

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