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Santa’s plea for wheelie bin care

Posted on November 21 2012 at 10:58:07

During my annual attempt to get near-fit for the annual Santa Dash charity run up t’north, my very tired legs are having to weave through early morning abandoned wheelie bins.

My I ask your readers to have a little regard for us part-time joggers (read strollers), dog walkers and sundry insomniacs by positioning those grey, green and brown obstacles with more consideration.

And, those blinking hedges acting more like triffids attacking willy-nilly as they reach out for the road: please cut them back to your own garden.

And another thing, these colder mornings seem to adversely affect the little grey cells as more drivers are leaving their cars running while enjoying a hearty breakfast inside the home.

I could be on the run right now, this time from the police, as an opportunistic car thief with all that temptation, exuding carbon dioxide on the Lickey Hills.

Keith Woolford

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