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Selfish few spoil village for us all

Posted on February 28 2005 at 3:37:07

I would like to bring attention through your magazine to the mindless acts of dog owners who pick up their dog mess in the little plastic bags provided by the parish council, then proceed to throw it in the nearest field or hedge.

Can someone please tell me where the logic is in this – surely it would be better to leave the dog mess for nature to take its course, than to let it stay hanging in trees for ever more.

Perhaps you would like to take a walk along our beautiful canal and see all these tree dressings.

I happened to pick up six bags from my field which runs alongside the canal, where I keep horses. Do people realise how serious it can be if a horse should eat one of these bags?

I wonder if responsible dog owners could report to the Parish Council or British Waterways if they see anyone breaking the law in this way, or better still take a photograph as I intend to do.

We have such lovely walks in and around our village, which most of us appreciate – it’s just like with so many other things; the selfish few spoil it for everyone.

Megan Brain, Alvechurch

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