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Setting the record straight

Posted on May 19 2008 at 11:51:23

I understand the disappointment locally in Hopwood about the imposition of a significant number of affordable homes in the Ash Lane area (reference Peter Higgins’ letter May, 2008).

But, if I may coin his phrase, “it’s a bit rich” to criticise the support from local council Leader Roger Hollingworth and local MP Julie Kirkbride. 

The simple fact is that these houses were agreed by Bromsgrove District Council’s Planning Committee where the votes of two Labour Councillors, combined with the Independent councillor for Alvechurch, Jean Luck, ensured that the planning application was approved.

Neither Coun Hollingworth nor Miss Kirkbride took part in this decision.

As a result, the only way the houses could be stopped was by an appeal to the Government’s West Midlands Office, who disappointingly decided to uphold the decision.

Both Coun Hollingworth and Miss Kirkbride strongly petitioned the West Midlands Office to consider the Green Belt implications of this number of houses. 

It is not clear to me what more they could have done when they were not party to the decision and I think it helps to put the record straight.

T Gillespie, Bromsgrove

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