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Show just a little consideration

Posted on February 28 2005 at 3:40:01

I am writing to highlight an on-going problem for the residents of Bear Hill Drive and The Gaunts, Alvechurch.

During the school term the chaos that home time brings can be described as nightmarish as parents park their 4x4s, estates and people carriers on the junction of Bear Hill Drive and The Gaunts.

Not only is this dangerous as the road is not big enough to accommodate the sheer number of vehicles, but the aggressive behaviour the drivers take to toward oncoming traffic entering Bear Hill Drive is ridiculous.

I have personally been involved in “chicken” style incidents where irate drivers refuse to concede to approaching traffic with the expectation of two or more cars reversing out of the junction to let them pass, while there are no cars behind them!

Surely if you are the owner of such remarkable cars as 4x4s and the like, you are aware of their capabilities and are competent at driving them?

I do not dispute the right to park on an unrestricted road and understand the time they are parked there for is minimal, however the attitude of drivers and the volume of cars is on the verge of getting out of control.

Is it really too much to ask to want to drive safely and without overwhelming disruption down the road where I live to park my car outside my house?

To add insult to injury, a note was placed on my car recently asking me to be more courteous to residents and to park in the village car park provided – my car was parked OUTSIDE MY HOUSE.

The author of this offensive note posted it while it was dark and though they obviously took time enough to prepare a beautifully typed note, did not, it seems, have the gumption to knock on my door and resolve their problem directly.

In future, would it be too much to ask for a little consideration for the residents of Bear Hill Drive and The Gaunts when parents collect their children from school?

Would it also be too much to ask, I wonder, for them to walk from such far away places as Latimer Road, Withybed Lane, Callow Hill and the like?

Angry, of Bear Hill Drive Alvechurch
(name and address supplied)

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