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Slower traffic will create pollution

Posted on November 30 2018 at 9:53:55

I see the 20mph speed limit is back on the agenda for Alvechurch. I would like to make the following observations.

First we have two pinch gates; these prevent two cars from passing and are, in my opinion, extremely dangerous.

If a motorist gets confused has to who has the right of way, there could easily be a head-on collision causing serious injury or death.

However, other than the obvious danger to the motorist, you will also have cars waiting, stationary, with engines running, for no reason – putting out pollution.

Add to this a 20mph speed limit, and cars when moving will be in second or third gear.

This will mean more pollution, as the vehicles’ engines will be revving faster, and the cars will take longer to travel through the village.

There will of course also be an increase in noise pollution, as being in a lower gear will produce more noise. Air pollution cannot be good for children going to and from school.

To conclude, it annoys me how the powers that be do their best to impede the flow of traffic, and then stand back amazed at the extra pollution their actions have caused.

D Davenport, via email

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