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Speed limits not the answer

Posted on April 21 2009 at 1:12:58

I have read the letter Who will take up our cause? (Village Views, April 2009) with concern as the authors do not say why they were unable to contact their current county councillor, and yet there must have been a reason.

They then tried to contact a prospective candidate, Ms Moffett, without success. Perhaps Ms Moffett will explain why there was no reply, but without giving us an explanation, they go on to berate the county council for “no taxation without representation”.

Now we all like to complain about the expense of local government, but surely it is not their fault there is no representation. We only have ourselves to blame for the lack of representation if there are no willing volunteers.

Incidentally, the Boston Tea Party was in the 18th century, not the 17th. One could be excused for not knowing that fact, but surely they should know that the national speed limit for single carriageway roads is 60 miles per hour, not 70 miles per hour.

The recent spate of accidents in Grange Lane, Alve-church, was caused by driver error, namely driving at excessive speed for the prevailing road conditions (snow and ice). Even a speed limit of 30 miles per hour would not have avoided that problem.

Speed limits have to be respected and having a blanket low speed limit only goes to alienate and annoy the vast majority of people who drive in a responsible manner. Admittedly there is a minority of drivers who do speed inappropriately, but why should everyone else be penalised in the process? And what makes you think that minority would obey the speed limit anyway?

Where your correspondents are correct is where they say that the volume of traffic in Grange Lane has increased recently. It is not just sat-navs that are to blame. The main reason is the fact that artificial obstructions have been created in Alvechurch, causing drivers to find alternative routes including, of course, Grange Lane, which runs naturally east-west and just south of Alvechurch.

But then that is democracy. The good people of Alvechurch moaned and now we in Grange Lane and, I suspect, other surrounding roads have to suffer.

As Ms Moffett is not their representative I fail to understand why she has come in for such criticism, but if she reads this letter, and if she is looking for my vote, then beware – I do not like speed limits.

As I try to get on with my neighbours, I am withholding my name and address.

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