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Speed suggestions

Posted on October 31 2016 at 11:24:07

October’s Village magazine featured another letter about the traffic issues in Alvechurch and there are comments on traffic in the Neighbourhood Plan.

I have just one comment about the objective of improving road safety, reducing traffic congestion and fumes. There is an implication of slowing vehicles down here.

The current pinch points have not achieved this. Firstly, they cause queues (congestion) which raises driver stress. Secondly, the slowing down and speeding up of vehicles causes more noise and fume pollution. 

Thirdly, they don’t stop vehicles achieving 40–50 mph between the pinch points. (The one in Radford Road has come close to causing a few accidents too!)

May I suggest a look at the “Sustrans” website ( This talks about chicanes rather than pinch points (where two cars can get through but have to slow down to do so), allowing parking on the streets (how to deal with the village parking problem at a stroke!) and the strategic planting of trees and shrubs (wouldn’t that look nice!).

There may be an objection of drivers not being able to see pedestrians due to trees, shrubs and parked cars but that wouldn’t be a problem if they use the proper crossings we have, around which parking would not be allowed.

I realise that all this is expensive and that it’s mostly in the control of the Highways Department, but could it go into the Plan to help it come to fruition?

Lastly, I think that a 20mph limit would be simply ignored by the drivers who drive the fastest and be frustrating to try to adhere to. Most of us are not angels!

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