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Speeders not sufficiently hindered

Posted on March 31 2005 at 1:45:33

In response to the article discussing road calming measures through the village, I agree that the measures in place seem unmanageable and rather inappropriate to the degree it is evident that motorists do not see it as a hindrance.

I would like to see similar measures as Barnt Green village which I feel do slow cars down and impose a 20mph zone.

Most drivers, if sufficiently hindered and their progress through the village slowed, would, I believe, start to use alternative routes, ie the bypass.

The idea is to make it unattractive to the rat-run users, and force the issue. I, though, would not want to see the road built through Hopwood Hill, destroying an environment rich in wildlife.

We are far too keen to destroy our green belt and I believe it should not happen; we should preserve our environment not concrete it over – rather some pain now through the village and more thought to calming measures than the other alternative.

R S L Shepherd, Alvechurch

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