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Spend our money on Cofton, please

Posted on February 27 2020 at 3:24:24

Can I say how appalled I was to read that some undisclosed amount left over from Cofton’s section 106 money would be spent on the Lickey toposcope (News in Brief, February 2020).

This money should be used to compensate the people of Cofton who have had their small parish massively changed by the influx of buildings and vehicles (most of whom have no idea what a speed limit means).

Not only this, but we were told that we had to find funding to equip the new parish hall to the tune of £75,000 because St Modwen only supplied the building. Why couldn’t the section 106 money be used for the equipment?

I am glad to say it looks as though the new hall is being well used and I hope this continues.

An answer would be appreciated.

Steve and Judy Hewitt
Cofton Hackett

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