Thursday January 17 2019

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Stop griping and embrace Cofton’s opportunity

Posted on November 27 2017 at 2:57:18

As a resident of the “over-built Lego extension” in Cofton Hackett (Village Views, November 2017), I find it disappointing to still see negativity about what is not only a great opportunity for an exciting and cohesive new neighbourhood but also a lovely place to live. 

I understand that some people don’t like change. But the building of homes in what is deemed to be an appropriate place is not a cause for griping ad infinitum.

Cofton Hackett is indeed on the Birmingham border with all that living on the edge of a city brings, and I understand the anxiety that borders could move in the future.

But at the moment that is not the case – and we are very much residents of the village, as will hundreds more be soon.

It would seem to me to be much more desirable that people embrace that and finally get used to the idea rather than bemoan it as the downfall of Cofton Hackett.

Otherwise you might find you’re missing out on facilities – and indeed people – that you’d actually like to have living within your borders. 

K Cunningham, Cofton Hackett

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