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Suggestions for improving The Square welcome

Posted on August 25 2006 at 9:59:39

Re: The Square, Alvechurch – “Village Eyesore”: It may be helpful to your readers to have a clearer picture relating to the past, present and future of The Square than has so far been expressed by the article in your June issue.

The Bernard Piggott Charitable Trust acquired this property some 20 years ago and has since carried out extensive improvements and refurbishment.

The run-down premises Nos. 24-25 The Square were converted in 1999 to a convenience store, the Trust contributing £70,000 towards the improvements.

Further substantial capital expenditure has over the past five years been incurred by the Trust in refurbishing and upgrading the five flats above the shops.

The Trustees have been equally concerned to secure improvements to the appearance of The Square and in 2001 offered the Parish Council a 10-year agreement at a peppercorn rent together with a Trust contribution of £10,000 towards the cost of a Parish scheme which would also have been partly financed by the lessees of the shops.

Although the Trustees agreed terms and incurred legal expenses in preparing the agreement, their offer was ultimately not taken up, the Parish Council allowing the matter to lapse without explanation.

As Mrs McHugh is well aware, the Trustees’ agents Timothy Lea & Griffiths have been active for some time in endeavouring to prevent the activities which continue to damage the paving and are putting together a fresh scheme for the precinct.

They would certainly appreciate any constructive suggestions which residents may wish to put forward to them, bearing in mind that whilst acting as responsible landlords the Charitable Trust has to comply with statutory legislation which requires them to generate as much income as possible for the charitable purposes set down in their Trust Deed.

Derek M P Lea
Trustee, Bernard Piggott Charitable Trust

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