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Taking train adds to strain

Posted on November 20 2007 at 11:59:27

This morning (Saturday November 17) we had an appointment at the BBC in Birmingham to go live on air at 10.20am. We set out in good time to catch the 9.09 train from Barnt Green.

Although I was a little worried about whether the trains were running, I was relieved to see a large notice saying no trains would be operating on Sunday and a bus would be replacing them.

We bought our tickets and waited patiently for the train to arrive. Another passenger was also waiting for that particular train and had also read the notice on the platform. When the train hadn’t arrived by 9.17 I decided to ring the information number.

A woman told me there were no trains running today and a bus had been laid on. It was at that moment I noticed the large notice had been changed to Saturday 17th while we had been waiting on the platform.

How disgraceful was that? Someone had come and changed the notice and obviously ignored the fact that we were standing there waiting. What on earth did he think we were there for? 

By this time we had missed the bus and could not afford to wait, or even wanted to wait, for the next bus. We had to go home and get the car out and drive to Birmingham to meet our appointment time.

The lady who also was waiting for the train was extremely angry, but relieved when we offered her a lift to the university where she was attending a day’s lecture.

When are they going to give us a decent train service? My daughter’s train was also cancelled yesterday morning and again I had to get the car out and take her to college.

Public transport . . . HUH! . . . Humbug!

Mrs Jane Lucas, Barnt Green 

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