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Thank goodness for barking dogs

Posted on September 29 2014 at 12:05:07

I felt compelled to respond to the letter entitled ‘Gone to the dogs’ (The Village, September 2014). This lady clearly has no basic understanding of the animal, which clearly needs to bark to communicate.

My dog barks to help and warn my visually impaired 82-year-old mother; if this did not happen the world would be a much more difficult place for her. My dog has also seen off potential burglars, who had climbed over a fence to gain access, with her much-appreciated bark.

As a dog owner of many years I find dogs only bark when they feel it is necessary, unlike many humans who often make very unnecessary amounts of noise.

This letter reminded me of the person who, some years ago, felt the need to complain in The Village about horse riding in our country lanes, at which a local resident replied with the advice that perhaps this person should move out of the rural community into the city.

I have the same advice for this dog-unfriendly neighbour, or maybe their own private island would suit? Next might they be complaining that the sheep on the local hillsides bleat too loudly?

We also have many children in the village; will they soon be shamed into silence during play?

There are many real problems in our world, such as poverty and disease – maybe these people should put their energy into finding solutions to these and start to embrace the world in which they live.

A happy dog owner

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