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Posted on March 30 2015 at 1:54:14

The line-up for polling day on May 7 is starting to look quite interesting, both in the battle for the Bromsgrove seat in Parliament and among those competing to represent wards in the Bromsgrove District Council elections.

It is very encouraging to see the grand, national race featuring a number of starters who are “born and bred” in these parts. One of them, former Rover employee Giovanni “Spoz” Esposito, is already well known for his performance poetry and his time as Birmingham’s Poet Laureate, and should bring a high profile to the Green Party’s challenge.

Other challengers so far declared include Labour’s Lickey-born Tom Ebbutt, another strong local hope, and Lib Dem Bart Ricketts, who grew up not too far away in Droitwich.

UKIP, whose real popularity is to be tested properly on May 7, are also presenting an almost-local candidate in Stuart Cross, from Redditch, who also represents the town on Worcestershire County Council for Redditch South.

They are all, of course, up against Sajid “Saj” Javid, parachuted in from his international banking corner office at the last election when the previous incumbent, Julie Kirkbride, withdrew.

Tipped for the top from the start, Saj’s rise into the Cabinet has been impressive and, Tory or not, it’s hard not to feel some element of local pride in our guy doing so well.

He also does a good job representing his constituents and, wearing the Bromsgrove Blue rosette, will be difficult to unseat.

On top of all of that, he is a headline-writer’s dream – “Saj” being even shorter than “Dave” – which is always handy when vying for the top job.

The district elections have also been livened up by the candidacy of Charlie Hotham, standing as an independent for the new ward of Barnt Green and Hopwood.

As someone who is Barnt Green born and bred and already works hard for the community – including being deputy chairman of the parish council – Charlie is a man who knows what the villagers want.

He also wants to break the stranglehold of the “same old, same old” being elected blindly by voters just because they are Tories – a laudable aim – and we hope to see more independents raise their heads above the parapet over the next few weeks.

* We wonder what it’s like living on a spelling mistake? The residents of Althestan Close – supposedly named in honour of the Saxon King Athelstan – in Alvechurch have been told that it’s now too inconvenient to correct the error unless enough of them complain to Bmorgsorve District Council.

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