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Posted on April 24 2010 at 3:44:31

You’ll probably be reading this just before or after casting your vote in what has become an interesting time for the Bromsgrove constituency.

Had Julie Kirkbride not found herself in hot water, we could be yawning at another large Conservative majority. Even with her gone, we’re still betting our back cover on the Tories getting in again – but there is that faint element of uncertainty.

We can’t be the only ones who have heard hardened Conservative voters mutter that that they won’t be voting for Sajid Javid (for the wrong reasons). But we hope, for the right reasons, they will be a minority. Not that we would endorse any candidate; this magazine has been non-party political from the start.

It does mean, however, that the Independents and UKIP could play a part in chiselling at the Tory majority. There will be a number of normally true-Blues tempted by UKIP’s offering while one of the Independents has badged himself as a “Bromsgrove Independent Conservative” and may pull in a few from the Tory camp.

So that 10,000-vote majority enjoyed by Ms Kirkbride at the 2005 poll, which might have been expected to increase with the Conservatives faring better nationally, could actually shrink. Especially as she was, at the time, a very popular and well established representative for Bromsgrove.

The question is: by how much could it shrink? Just for fun, we’re going to stick our necks out here and predict that Sajid Javid will be our MP for the next five years with a majority of around 6,500.

If we are proved woefully wrong, feel free to email your jeers to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 

IT APPEARS our suggestion in the last issue that Alve­church Parish Council could find a way to bridge the gap between the people and those with power ruffled a few feathers.

With the demise of the local Neighbourhood Partnership and the feared curtailment of the effectiveness of PACT, we thought the parish council could blossom into the resulting vacuum – it could “shrug off its archaic mantle and become a new, modern forum”, we said.

Oh, dear . . . it sounds like the phones lines around the parish became heated as some councillors balked at the suggestion that parish councils are in any way “archaic” – which, by definition, they are, having their origins in the millennium before last.

We were even given a mild public rebuke by the parish chairman at the Parish Annual Meeting (the poor attendance at which perhaps showed a need to connect more with the people).

The Village has attended almost every full parish council meeting in Alvechurch for the past 12 years precisely because we do think the councillors who volunteer their efforts do a very worthwhile job.

The chance to be the body directly connected to the people, rather than hearing second-hand from some other forum, would, we thought, be a chance to make their role even more worthwhile.

IT FEELS like it might be a good idea to duck while writing this, for fear of the brickbats flying our way, but – and we are not decrying anyone’s efforts – are we the only ones who think there may have been just a little, tiny bit of daffodil overkill this spring?

They all flowered at once along roadside verges right across The Village area and looked lovely, giving a real spring lift. Wordsworth would have been ecstatic at the host of flowers “stretch’d in never-ending line”.

But how much yellow can we take? It’s no wonder the Lib-Dems saw a bloom in their support just as the flowers opened. So, here’s a small plea: when the next bulb plantings are being planned, perhaps throw in a few other varieties to produce contrasting colours, say red or blue.

If nothing else, it’ll avoid accusations of political bias!

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