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Posted on January 31 2016 at 11:24:57

Readers may remember our contemplation towards the end of last year of all the “bungling” going on around us.

Ineptitude abounds and yet the bunglers just hold up their hands, exclaiming: Don’t blame me, I haven’t been trained/got the resources/time or inclination to do anything about it.

It happens at an organisational level, too: witness Bromsgrove District Council rotating on an axis of excuses, apologies and ever-changing councillors, officers and reponsibility when the public demands answers over Marlbrook Tip.

It is going to continue getting worse – and the culprit is ideology. As a non-party political organ, this magazine can see ideologies circling us, creating the ideal conditions for bungles to thrive.

There’s the one that promotes the idea that people can’t be blamed for their own hopelessness: it’s the fault of their birth, their poor education, their over-fondness for doughnuts, and so on.

The idea that the individual isn’t to blame has taken hold alongside a blame “culture” that means it is always somebody else’s fault.

Now, couple this with the ideology that says only central Government can be trusted with our money, and people making decisions on how their money is spent locally are not to be trusted.

This means public bodies – our municipal authorities and the services they provide and support for us, the people –  are having their lifeblood sucked out.

This is being carried out under the auspices of austerity (we’re trying hard to resist adding, “while the very rich continue to get even richer”), but by now it is clear the real aim is to render local service providers incompetent.

It is no wonder, for example, that Bromsgrove’s planning department is dubbed “unfit for purpose” by some when the council is seeing its finances ebbing south towards Westminster faster than its worst fears.

For a while we’ll be able to blame the one man and his dog left on his own to run everything, bungling away as best he can; but one day there will be no one left to bungle, nor to blame – apart from those feeling smug at having at last dismantled the framework of a society that took centuries to construct and upon which so many rely.

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