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Posted on May 30 2017 at 12:21:01

It feels as if this is the umpteenth time we have started this column saying that The Village has no political axe to grind, apart from believing there is no place for petty, party politics in local government: but it is election time again, so here we go again . . .

All that should matter about the person asking for your vote is that they have the interests of your community at heart and, if elected, have the drive,  ability and energy to fight for those interests.

We are delighted to see to see that voters out there are starting to agree and in local elections, instead of just putting a cross by whichever political colour they may favour, they are choosing the candidate who looks most likely to work in the interests of their community.

We now have an independent county councillor representing Alvechurch at Worcester, as well as Barnt Green and Hopwood at Bromsgrove District Council.

Coun Charlie Hotham is also vice-chairman of Barnt Green Parish Council – and has a track record of working tirelessly for the community.

People have given him their votes because they know he will try his best and, whatever the outcome, he will come back and tell them what is happening.

He doesn’t have to follow party lines or avoid asking awkward questions; there is no one apart from the voters he needs to please because there is no greasy pole for him to climb.

Now Coun Hotham has backed Kate Van der Plank as the independent candidate in the Alvechurch Village by-election to Bromsgrove District Council.

Her proven track record as one of the founders of The Lounge and as a former chairwoman of the village first school PTA, among other activities, speaks for itself.

She has lived in the village for 16 years and her three children have been through the local schools system: she knows what it means to live and raise a family in Alvechurch.

Now she is offering to devote her time to trying to improve life further for other villagers and to make sure the interests of Alvechurch are fully represented at Bromsgrove.

We imagine the other candidates will promise the same – although we have never previously heard of the one the Conservatives have chosen to put forward, despite her living in the village for 10 years.

So, when you go to the polling station on June 8, vote with your tribe in the General Election (not that it will make much difference to the result there).

But for you Alvechurch Village ward voters, every vote will count. You can make a difference by looking to see what each of the candidates has already achieved for the village and then, putting political colour to one side, voting for the person most up to the task ahead.

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