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The wrong rectory

Posted on September 29 2015 at 9:43:04

How and why was such an elementary mistake made with the incorrect spelling of Athelstan on an Alvechurch street sign?

Have any lessons been learned or are we to have more mistakes made like this?  

Now Rectory Gardens has been deemed a suitable name for the new development over the road from Althestan Close.

Anyone searching for Rectory Gardens without a sat-nav would logically begin by looking near the church and in the vicinity of the Rectory, which is in School Lane.

When the garden of the Rectory is built on, call that Rectory Gardens. 

Why not use names of wild flowers or birds? If the village is to be despoiled by the construction of more and more houses, this would provide numerous possibilities.

Christine Swainson
The Old Rectory, Alvechurch

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