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Time to find a new planet!

Posted on July 29 2019 at 11:49:36

With regard to Mr John B Holland’s response (July 2019) to my ongoing concerns about bonfires and their impact on air quality, we will just have to agree to disagree!

However, various environmental groups are now looking at the issue of garden bonfires. We will have to wait for their reports on this matter before making a final judgement.

With respect to Earth’s planetary environmental crisis, which sadly will get worse, there are just too many people. Enough, many scientists say, to: “fill three Earths!”

I don’t know if our resident astronomer, Brian Watkiss, can peer into the night sky and find some suitable worlds for a race of beings who put rabbits to shame and cover planets in plastic?

There are two possible candidates. One orbiting an M-Spectra Star at 26 light years and another orbiting a G-Spectra Star like your sun at 81 light years. Get your spyglass out, Brian!

Moving on, the weeds are getting bigger. Gutter weeds need removing and soon, before they raise issues with drainage and flooding.

I have contacted the county council but apart from a very brief visit by a road sweeper and vac over a short section of Ashmead Drive, the weeds are still there and bigger than ever.

John A Ridarta, Cofton Hackett

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