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Time to say “enough”

Posted on May 16 2011 at 10:46:22

Barnt Green and, particularly, the Lickey Hills are areas of beauty. For years now the rate of infill in Barnt Green has been astonishing. The village is overcrowded with traffic and parked cars.

Now we will see the land behind the Barnt Green Inn built upon and another piece of England lost to a mass housing development. The mention of “affordable housing” simply means that you will only be able to live there if you can afford around £400,000+ OR be on benefits. Great.

The land opposite the Barnt Green Inn has also long been rumoured to be held with a view to development. More importantly than who lives there, though, is why we need to build at all.

As a child I played in the hills, ran down to Bittell Reservoir and visited lovely old pubs with my parents. The area around Barnt Green was beautiful. Now it is becoming like an outpost of Birmingham – the developments on Groveley Lane will further extend Birmingham’s sprawl.

It’s about time we said “enough”.  Because if we don’t this area will not be worth living in – for old residents or new. 

Geoff Miller, Marlbrook

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